In a nutshell, these Lino prints express my solidarity with the Palestinian people: their struggle for human rights, for justice and freedom.


The starting point was Flying Home, a book by young people at the Lajee Center, a creative cultural children’s centre in Aida Refugee Camp, Bethlehem – ‘over the brutal separation walls and sniper towers, a boy’s kite flies free, carrying the hopes of a people dispossessed, denied freedom and  equality by a repressive apartheid regime.’


From that point, in my prints, the kite flew into new realms, real and imagined, of dreams, of  grief, of defiance.


As well as the Lajee photographers, the visual inspiration for my prints includes the work of photographers Rich Wiles, J.C. Tordai and Kai Wiedenhofer; as well as printmakers Clifford Harper, Barry Moser and Kathe Kollwitz.


Original Lino prints from this exhibition are for sale in the HIP Gallery shop:  unmounted prints for £30 and mounted  for £40. Framed prints (in black frames) can be ordered in the shop for £90. Proceeds will be donated to Palestinian Refugee charities.